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    The problem with fashion

    I felt compelled to write a semi-serious post after the recent #Burberry scandal hit the headlines.. burning end of line fashion to ensure it doesn’t discount and fall into the hands of consumers not worthy of their brand. I was, perhaps naively, completely stunned that such a practice was common place – and across a shockingly widespread array of high end brands. But really a little research and reflection and I realise of course, fashion has never been ethical.

    The premise pushed by the fashion industry that we must perpetually update our wardrobes with vast ranges of unnecessary wear, based upon seasonal rotation, is yet another effort contributing to a worldwide environmental downturn, of which the poorer classes are a casualty.  Tinkering with environmentally friendly fabrics and recycling off-cuts are merely a useless distraction, pushed by designers to fool us into thinking we are helping the cause.  However in reality we continue to skirt around the edges of a very real problem.