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    Baby Theme Bullet Journal Spreads

    Hello budding journalers (or die hard planner fanatics who have come to judge my humble scribbles)!  If you’re here from Youtube to get a closer look at my February 2021 spreads – come on in, find a seat (at least 6 feet away please) and grab a cuppa.  If you’ve stumbled upon this post quite serendipitously then I’d love to hear from you in the comments below, let me know how you found the blog and what your planner of choice is!  Or if you just live vicariously through planning videos and posts as it gives you the illusion you might have your life together…I get it!

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    The 4 Month Hangover

    We’ve all felt it. The grog, the dizziness, the spinning room… So dehydrated your eyes hurt to blink and when you manage to prize them open there are patches of spots impeding your vision. You’re lying in the most uncomfortable position but remain as still as possible as you know that even with the slightest movement you’ll vomit uncontrollably. Your arms and legs feel heavy with a deep ache as you search internally for any remnant of energy. Realising resistance is futile you crawl your way to the bathroom and relieve your innards of what little contents it contained until you’re dry heaving, eyes watering and you’re completely drained of…

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    33 Things I’ve Learned in my 33 Years

    It’s my birthday.  Today.  And I’m turning 33.  While the world is on it’s head, the populous is banished from the streets and we cannot move for Carol Baskin memes; humble little me is celebrating another year of life.  I am grateful for another wonderful year with my family; a year of big decisions, plans and milestones (and some pretty tough times to boot).  But I won’t launch into a flashback scene here, because today we’re looking forward.  Well, a little looking back actually…at what I’ve learned and can take forward.  Little nuggets and revelations I’ve managed to hoard along the way.  They may sound like cliches, but I’ve put…

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    The ‘C’ Word

    I promised I wouldn’t write about this dreaded virus on my blog, and yet here I am 3 days into a national response and I’m blogging about it already.  I was mid fertility update before the world was spun into a bizarre, mad, movie-plot panic… And it just doesn’t feel right to continue feeding my own self indulgence when something so big is coming (and indeed already here for lots of us). And for me the thing coming feels bigger than world panic, more imposing than loo roll infested quarantine and much deeper than any virus. As someone who suffers from terrible anxiety (and specifically health anxiety) I can only…

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    Dear Present Self…

    Dear present self, You were not happier yesterday. That’s a trick. Do not be lured into false memories of tranquility with the allure of a simpler life. Those memories are peppered with the deception of wistful nostalgia. Those photographs you moon over were of the good times; the poses, the preening were a stageschool of props. The battles you wager today were there, eclipsed only for a second by the flash of a camera. The past tempts you away from the moment far too often, stealing from your present, borrowing from your “right nows”. Your perfect memory is the landscape of a lie. Dear present self, You will not be…

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    A New Direction

    I’ve taken something of a hiatus from social media recently, I often retreat when I need to gather my thoughts and especially when I have big decisions to make as I find the distance helps me to focus.  The first big decision I’ve made is to start a degree – something I’ve been wanting to do probably for the last 10 to 15 years.  The second is to leave my job in order to focus on said degree and also while we are juggling some pretty big life stuff! I am 5 weeks away from leaving my job as a write this and naturally my mind is filled with the…

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    The problem with fashion

    I felt compelled to write a semi-serious post after the recent #Burberry scandal hit the headlines.. burning end of line fashion to ensure it doesn’t discount and fall into the hands of consumers not worthy of their brand. I was, perhaps naively, completely stunned that such a practice was common place – and across a shockingly widespread array of high end brands. But really a little research and reflection and I realise of course, fashion has never been ethical. The premise pushed by the fashion industry that we must perpetually update our wardrobes with vast ranges of unnecessary wear, based upon seasonal rotation, is yet another effort contributing to a…

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    Products I Regret Buying

    While I’m definitely not frugal I do appreciate value for money and when I splash the cash I like to get a product/service that I feel was worth the spend! And I’m not into brand bashing – the whole anti-haul trend not withstanding – but given that I have forked out for products that haven’t lived up to their promise I do feel entitled to an opinion. Please feel free to disagree and let me know your experiences with the following, but here is a run down (in no particular order) of products I’ve been disappointed with recently!