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    Favourite BB / CC Creams

    When it comes to base makeup my requirements vary dependant on occasion, current skin condition, amount of fake tan I’m wearing and how much I can be bothered!  If I’m having a particularly good skin day I love nothing more than reaching for a decent, light coverage foundation and more often than not a BB or CC Cream is my go to.

    I’ve often been asked what I’m using on my skin when I’m wearing lighter products, a reassurance that less really can be more! Experimenting with different products can be a lengthy and costly affair, so I decided to compile a review of my favourite Creams, varying in budget, properties and finish for anyone who is wondering what to try…

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    Favourite Fitness Accessories

    Essentially you can get fit anywhere, with very little equipment and without spending a bundle. And with the prevalence of Youtube fitness guru’s you can always find a free home workout to embark upon.  That being said there are a few essentials (and non-essentials) that I love to have around to make my workout’s a bit more fun and user friendly!

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    My Tanning Favourites

    I wish I could be one of those beautiful, milky goddesses with a complexion like Devonshire clotted cream; embracing pale skin and rocking the flawless hues with which they were born …

    But I’m not.  Unfortunately not so much a flawless, silky smooth faced goddess, I am more erring on the ghostly, blotchy side.  Thankfully the Gods of beauty make up for the errors of their creations with a handy, bottled golden glow!

    I always feel healthier with a #tan and often change it up between a deep, bronzed, just left St Tropez look and a simple natural, olive skinned glow. I have a few firm favourites I cycle between to achieve the perfect base and a top tan …