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    Favourite BB / CC Creams

    When it comes to base makeup my requirements vary dependant on occasion, current skin condition, amount of fake tan I’m wearing and how much I can be bothered!  If I’m having a particularly good skin day I love nothing more than reaching for a decent, light coverage foundation and more often than not a BB or CC Cream is my go to.

    I’ve often been asked what I’m using on my skin when I’m wearing lighter products, a reassurance that less really can be more! Experimenting with different products can be a lengthy and costly affair, so I decided to compile a review of my favourite Creams, varying in budget, properties and finish for anyone who is wondering what to try…

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    Trying 75p Fake Tan!!

    I love experimenting with new products – makeup, #tan,  hair care, food!  You name it, I’m always on the look out for a new favourite! Recently something caught my eye in … believe it or not … Poundland! Please stay with me…

    On the shelf next to your typical less than exciting Poundland tanning range, I spotted the cheapest bottle of fake tan I have ever encountered.  And, I have to be honest, it looked cheap.  Obnoxious white plastic bottle, orange logo (not the most inviting colour for a tanning product) and a black crazy font boasting the name of the product; “Ibiza Honey”.  Nothing about it was inviting actually.  And the price tag of an unbelievably meagre 75p was a testament to how inevitably bad it was sure to be (?).

    But, ever the curious cat, I grabbed a bottle.  If nothing else I figured I’d have a tale to tell!

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    DIY Brow Routine

    Before we get started on this one I feel it’s only fair to warn you that my freshly done #brows are not for the faint hearted. But that’s how I like them – full, sculpted and dark. Look away now if that’s not for you!

    However this technique can easily be used to achieve a more subtle outcome by adjusting the tinting times and application method. So just experiment and learn by trial and error – just as I did.

    I’ve tried many different brow techniques over the years (except microblading which interests me greatly!) and the outcome I get from my own method is definitely the one I prefer. I’ve used countless beauticians who’ve waxed, plucked, threaded and tortured me in all manner of fashions and also tried pretty much every tinting product going. While I’ve (almost) always been happy with the results, for me there’s just nothing like getting it just right yourself – preening and tweaking to your hearts content …

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    Products I Regret Buying

    While I’m definitely not frugal I do appreciate value for money and when I splash the cash I like to get a product/service that I feel was worth the spend! And I’m not into brand bashing – the whole anti-haul trend not withstanding – but given that I have forked out for products that haven’t lived up to their promise I do feel entitled to an opinion.

    Please feel free to disagree and let me know your experiences with the following, but here is a run down (in no particular order) of products I’ve been disappointed with recently!

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    My Tanning Favourites

    I wish I could be one of those beautiful, milky goddesses with a complexion like Devonshire clotted cream; embracing pale skin and rocking the flawless hues with which they were born …

    But I’m not.  Unfortunately not so much a flawless, silky smooth faced goddess, I am more erring on the ghostly, blotchy side.  Thankfully the Gods of beauty make up for the errors of their creations with a handy, bottled golden glow!

    I always feel healthier with a #tan and often change it up between a deep, bronzed, just left St Tropez look and a simple natural, olive skinned glow. I have a few firm favourites I cycle between to achieve the perfect base and a top tan …