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Baby Theme Bullet Journal Spreads

Hello budding journalers (or die hard planner fanatics who have come to judge my humble scribbles)!  If you’re here from Youtube to get a closer look at my February 2021 spreads – come on in, find a seat (at least 6 feet away please) and grab a cuppa.  If you’ve stumbled upon this post quite serendipitously then I’d love to hear from you in the comments below, let me know how you found the blog and what your planner of choice is!  Or if you just live vicariously through planning videos and posts as it gives you the illusion you might have your life together…I get it!

I promised in my latest video a little post on my spreads for this month and also some links to where I got my inspiration.  As alluded to above I’m a bit of a planner addict (all stationery actually) and I particularly enjoy watching planning content on Youtube; there’s something strangely soothing in it.  My favourite bullet journal guru is Amanda Rach Lee, and any self respecting member of the journal community will know that name!  If you haven’t discovered her talents yet I’d encourage you to pop over to her channel and have a browse!  I can only dream of one day being as skilled as she is!

But comparison is the thief of joy as they say and this is so true of journaling as well.  However I am in danger here of getting into a very long winded, generalised post rather than the specifics of what I came here to set out.  I do have a little video on an introduction to bullet journaling if you’d like a little look here..

I tend to flip between wanting a creative journal and wanting something functional and this is why I love a bullet journal so much as it can evolve and change with you.  This month I definitely wanted something more creative and as an outlet for doodling, mood tracking and daily journaling as opposed to heavy planning and appointment keeping.  Mostly because I’m trying my best to relax as much as possible before baby comes (6 days and counting) and also because I really have very little to plan for at the moment – work/uni wise, anyway.  On maternity leave until later in the year I’ve stopped taking on work (if you’re curious as to what my day job is you can have a sneaky peak here) and on sabbatical from University now until September; life is definitely more slower paced…enter a screaming baby and sleepless nights any day now!

So this month is a collection of very simple spreads starting with my February cover page – nothing too fancy but I did add a few baby doodles to jazz it up.

I wanted a full calendar for my monthly spread this month, but with not a great deal going on other than some baby appointments I kept it small and simple and again added a few little doodles.

The main focus of this months journal is definitely the mood tracker and journal itself which I thought was something I’d find the most useful in the month where I am having a new baby!  I do generally like to track my mood and especially alongside what I’ve been up to that day, but I think keeping an eye on your mood as a new Mum is especially important.

I did my most adventurous spread to date and put together a fancy (for me anyway) mood tracker in the form of little dummies that I’ll colour each day to indicate my mood according to the key.  Quite a fun little spread I thought!  And opposite I’ve given myself a full page to journal anything I feel pertinent.  I don’t tend to journal daily, just when the mood takes.  I feel that putting pressure on myself to fill out a spread every single day can often feel like a chore and a journal that feels laborious is

definitely no longer working!

My final spread for the month is a weekly spread for the first week of February.

Something I definitely

need this week with a few appointments and to-do’s looming over me, but I’m hoping that next week I’ll be cocooned in the comfy timeless bubble of a new baby and have absolutely no desire to know the day of the week, time of the day or when I last brushed my teeth!

For this week I chose a smallish spread, again mainly doodles and colours and I used sketches of baby bibs for each day of the week.

I was really pleased with how each spread turned out and I can see them being fun but also functional and useful.   I’m not naturally very artistic in terms of drawing so I often spend time browsing Pinterest for ideas

and inspiration.  That’s where I stumbled across ‘Mom’s Got the Stuff‘ and her blog post with 1000 doodle ideas to try for your bullet journal.  She included in this post a whole host of cute baby themed doodles that I copied for this months journal and they were so easy to replicate!    I also often take doodle inspiration from the book Journal with Purpose* that I got for Christmas last year which contains hundreds of doodles, motifs, banners and text to use in your spreads.  I highly recommend this book, especially if bullet journaling is still quite new to you!

That’s it for the brief run down of what I did for this month/week in my journal.  If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more about journaling let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!


*affiliate links for which I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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