The 4 Month Hangover

We’ve all felt it. The grog, the dizziness, the spinning room… So dehydrated your eyes hurt to blink and when you manage to prize them open there are patches of spots impeding your vision. You’re lying in the most uncomfortable position but remain as still as possible as you know that even with the slightest movement you’ll vomit uncontrollably. Your arms and legs feel heavy with a deep ache as you search internally for any remnant of energy. Realising resistance is futile you crawl your way to the bathroom and relieve your innards of what little contents it contained until you’re dry heaving, eyes watering and you’re completely drained of any scrap of energy you were clinging to…

But those aches aren’t from dancing the night away, and the sickness isn’t from copious shots of sambuca downed in between group selfies and girlish giggles… They’re the bonus prize from the tiny human that’s growing inside you.

So… Perhaps we haven’t all been there. But if you’ve ever had a hangover so bad you’d have welcomed Death into your bed with open arms, you can empathise at least.

Thankfully as I write this I am 3 weeks into feeling markedly better. The endless trips to hospital for nights and nights of fluids, the recurrent infections, aneamia, blood pressure rocketing and plumetting and of course the never ending vomit is finally over. I’ve made it to month 5 of a long awaited pregnancy and my toe nails have all but regrown (I lost them due to dehydration – who knew that could happen?!). I suffered hyperemesis with my first pregnancy but that paled in comparison to how I’ve felt this time round. And while I don’t want to make this a woe is me post, I do want to reassure other suffering mums-to-be out there that it really does get better, I promise. And while I’m hardly leaping around with a new found energy that the second trimester falsely promised, I am at least able to be upright without fear of collapsing and eat and drink without fear of seeing it again 10 minutes later! Always a bonus.

Our little girl is 5 now and if all had gone to plan we’d have probably had a 1 year old too by now, but after a bad experience with the depovera (grossly misinformed about that BTW!) and 2 years of infertility as a result, I am halfway through cooking baby number two. Looking on the bright side I’ve had hubby at home thanks to lockdown and haven’t had school runs to contend with. They would have been a physical impossibility whilst I was quite literally bedridden. So… Every cloud. The downside being of course that every admission to hospital I had to be alone. Waiting around in corridors in a wheelchair for a passing nurse to notice I needed putting somewhere appropriate and then being pinned and poked in desperate attempts to pierce my collapsed veins, until I was swollen and bruised from limb to limb.

But here we are now 5 months on and those barbaric experiences feel like just a memory…finally! I’ve got a definite bump which feels like it’s settled into my lungs most of the time.  I also can’t believe how much I’ve shown with the second pregnancy compared to the first!  I am slightly concerned I shan’t be able to walk within a few weeks!

I’m at that lovely stage now of planning and preparing, pontificating and Pinteresting… next on the baby agenda is Nursery decor which I will share here on the blog and over on my Youtube channel.  I’m also officially on maternity leave from both University and work from November so will also be sharing some money making tips I’ve been delving into over the last few weeks too!

Thanks for reading and for sticking with me during my haitus…I’ll be back much sooner next time 🙂

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