Dear Present Self…

Dear present self,
You were not happier yesterday. That’s a trick. Do not be lured into false memories of tranquility with the allure of a simpler life. Those memories are peppered with the deception of wistful nostalgia. Those photographs you moon over were of the good times; the poses, the preening were a stageschool of props. The battles you wager today were there, eclipsed only for a second by the flash of a camera. The past tempts you away from the moment far too often, stealing from your present, borrowing from your “right nows”. Your perfect memory is the landscape of a lie.

Dear present self,
You will not be happier tomorrow. That never ending dream and impossible pursuit of happy is a conveyor belt. It is a mountain without a peak, a perpetual wheel forever rolling toward a destination that doesn’t exist. The waiting, the planning, the “I’ll be happy when’s” are a waste of your “nows”. The worries, the what ifs, the endless scenarios of unlikely doom are swindlers of serenity.

Your nows are on a timer; a clock that we cannot stall but still ticks slowly enough to enjoy. But these thieves are relentless. Nostalgic past and hopeful future pickpocketting from your present without mercy.

Dear present self,
You are happy now. These moments you have are enough. Your present was what your nostalgic past once hoped for in it’s future. And it’s here. You’re living it. Don’t be lied to anymore by romanticised yearning. Don’t be stolen from by disturbed presentiment. Don’t let your moments be wasted. This happiness, in this moment will one day be the nostalgia you’re pining for. Because it is enough.

Dear past,
I will learn from you but not pine.

Dear future,
I will to plan for you but not worry.

Dear present,
I will live you, completely and fully.

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Lisa Bromley
Lisa Bromley
1 year ago

Oh man! How profound and so so true! I almost cried reading that as it is so relevant to my life and I assume to many other people too.

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