A New Direction

I’ve taken something of a hiatus from social media recently, I often retreat when I need to gather my thoughts and especially when I have big decisions to make as I find the distance helps me to focus.  The first big decision I’ve made is to start a degree – something I’ve been wanting to do probably for the last 10 to 15 years.  The second is to leave my job in order to focus on said degree and also while we are juggling some pretty big life stuff!

I am 5 weeks away from leaving my job as a write this and naturally my mind is filled with the ambivalence of excitement for a new chapter, fear of the unknown and sadness towards leaving behind colleagues and friends.  Giving up an income is no mean feat and is something for which we’ve been planning for the last 6 months.  It’s surprising what you can cut back when you try (goodbye daily Starbucks drive-through breakfasts) and when you have a new dream and focus.  (I plan on sharing some of my budgeting tips (and money making hints) that helped us to come to this decision and make it possible for me to walk away from my job, in some future blog posts – so don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to be alerted of new posts if that kind of thing interests you.)

Anyway, I’m back – posting with a vengeance my daily drivel, copious cappuccino’s and snatched selfie’s (ha!).  But I’m back with a new perspective and a different take on things; particularly how to move forward with my blog (and Youtube channel).  I plan on sharing a lot more ‘life stuff’ and probably a few semi-serious posts, intertwined with the usual beauty, fashion, foodie, fitness (who am I kidding) posts that I do so love to write about.  I’ll also be writing a little bit about our personal journey into the world of fertility treatment which is the biggest ‘life stuff’ thing we are juggling right now.  It’s far more personal than I would ordinarily get, however having felt the loneliness, and sometimes hopelessness, of what we’ve been going through I can hand on heart say it’s helped me to read other’s experiences and just know I’m not alone.  So by putting my own story out there I hope to give someone else that same perspective and support – who know’s.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk … you can extend the waffle on my new beginnings by popping over to Youtube and watching my latest video .. and a little sub while you’re there would mean the world!

For now I’m signing off but I’ll be back very soon with some real talk around our journey to complete our little family ♡

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