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Trying 75p Fake Tan!!

I love experimenting with new products – makeup, #tan,  hair care, food!  You name it, I’m always on the look out for a new favourite! Recently something caught my eye in … believe it or not … Poundland! Please stay with me…

On the shelf next to your typical less than exciting Poundland tanning range, I spotted the cheapest bottle of fake tan I have ever encountered.  And, I have to be honest, it looked cheap.  Obnoxious white plastic bottle, orange logo (not the most inviting colour for a tanning product) and a black crazy font boasting the name of the product; “Ibiza Honey”.  Nothing about it was inviting actually.  And the price tag of an unbelievably meagre 75p was a testament to how inevitably bad it was sure to be (?).

But, ever the curious cat, I grabbed a bottle.  If nothing else I figured I’d have a tale to tell!

Before smothering myself in the most tan smelling tan I’d ever had the misfortune of smelling, I followed my usual preparation routine which you can read about here, and made sure I had a nice blank canvas to start without any traces of old tanning product – after all I wanted to give it a fair chance of failure.

The Product

As I mentioned above, the product did have the distinct and undeniable ‘fake tan scent’ that comes with cheaper tanning products.  And the smell lingered for a day or two after application.

The product is a mousse, my favourite form of fake tan, and had a guide colour which makes application much easier as you can see what you’ve covered, how much and how evenly. With a pump top, dispensing even amounts of the product was easy, however the pump did fail on me when I still had a half a bottle left.  Not the end of the world due to the low price tag, but frustrating all the same.

I also found the seal at the top of the bottle not completely tight and was therefore prone to leaking.  On occasion, my non-mitted hand received a generous coating of tan which I had to promptly and frantically wash off.


Now hold onto your hats because things are about to get interesting!  Imagine, if you will, my apprehension before slapping a good dollop of this intriguing product onto my thigh… I’m standing in my bathroom, tanning mitt adorned.  I squeeze out 4 or 5 pumps of bubbling brown foam, brace myself … and … oh!

Could it be?  Is this cashmere on my skin??

I exaggerate not when I say this was the smoothest, silkiest tan I have ever had the pleasure of using.   The product glided on like a dream, spread evenly and smoothly without a patch to be seen and, with the ease of a few swift swipes, left my leg perfectly bronzed and flawless.

The rest of my body was as effortless to tan – I was genuinely stunned by how beautifully the product applied.  I expected to draw comparisons only to budget tanning products such as St Moriz, however this absolutely stood up to my previous experiences of high end products such as St Tropez, Bondi Sands and Vita Liberata.

The formula was much more moisturising than most, in fact any other, tanning  mousse I’ve used and didn’t cause any drying of the skin.  No mean feat  as I’m  often left with somewhat reptilian qualities after a hefty tanning session!

The draw back of the moist (sorry!) formula being that the drying time is longer than your average tan, making a double layer tricky if you’re not a fan of a sticky residue.  However I found one layer perfectly sufficient for your average daily wear and for an evening out, when I want to look positively radioactive, a couple of applications over two days works beautifully.

Something you don’t have to put up with when using higher end tanning products is a lot of transfer, but  unfortunately our 75p friend can’t boast this quality and my bed sheets got a nice tan too.  Again not a deal breaker for me as the formula was worth the compromise!


After showering the next morning I was left with a beautifully even, natural looking tan without a trace of dryness and without much run off, other than the guide colour.

My skin felt silky smooth and those telling areas like wrists, ankles and knees gave nothing away! The strong tanning smell was done away with one shower and I didn’t have the usual ‘scaly’ effect on my shins which I ordinarily experience with other products – especially mousses.

The colour was so natural and genuinely one of the best finishes I’ve ever had – blended beautifully under the arms, down the neck and no clinging to dry patches on my face, which is often a problem for me.

I always need less base makeup when I’m freshly tanned, but do still apply a small amount and found my  foundation sat beautifully on top of the tan, colour matched perfectly and still felt moisturised and smooth.


This is where the true magic happens!  I always struggle with how fake tan fades on me – disappearing from the crook of my arm first leaving behind a nice patch of mucky tan around my wrists!  Legs are always an early victim and within a day or two the colour fades pretty much altogether apart from my knees and feet – and I always end up with an unsightly underarm fade which makes sleeveless wear an impossibility unless I’m freshly tanned that day!  And because of such an uneven, patchy fade I can’t reapply any tan to even out until I’ve scrubbed by skin to within an inch of it’s life to rid myself of the remnants, making upkeep very tricky. (My life is a constant struggle!)

Enter the 75p Ibiza Honey! An even, gradual fade of dreams and no clinging to pesky dry areas.  With one layer I got a good 3 days of a decent tan followed by a couple of days of a light glow and it faded so well that removal took just a light exfoliation to lift off any remaining tan, quick moisturise and I was ready for a top up!  Keeping the tan going with a daily gradual tanning lotion also worked well and, because it doesn’t go patchy, the result was still very smooth and even.

Did I mention how even it was?!

This is absolutely my go to product for tanning at the moment, however I will undoubtedly  try new products as I discover them.  I’ve recently seen a few posts for the new Skinny Tan Coconut Water and am keen to try it, so perhaps that will be my next review…!


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