Perfect your Slimming World Chips

Even if you’re not following Slimming World, I’d wager you’ve heard of (and quite possible tried) the infamous chips that slimmers thank the heavens for every day! If not, you’re missing out!

As you probably know there is a huge array of foods on Slimming World you can enjoy completely freely to your hearts content; and one of these foods is the humble potato. This makes my heart incredibly content as I am a self-confessed carb fiend!!

I’ve tried lots of different methods to getting my chips just right and after years of practice I’m pleased to say I’ve found (I think) the perfect recipe!

Step One – Peel and Chop

Peeling your potatoes is optional and I often don’t if I’m in a hurry (and for food I regularly am!) but chipping them to the optimum size is vital! I like mine more like a version of fries and they cook more quickly than a fatter chip. I tend to go for around a half inch thickness and plop them straight into a pan of boiling water as I’m chopping.

Step Two – Boil

So many of you don’t par-boil. I get it, I used to skip this step too as I found it made no difference! Yet, as with all great discoveries, I stumbled across a better method by accident! Forgetting I had a pan of potatoes on the stove I left them boiling for around 15 minutes and honestly the chips I got from the bake were delicious!

15 minutes is perhaps slightly too long but I never boil for less than 10. You want your potatoes to mush easily under pressure but still hold their form. Trust me!

Be sure to preheat your oven once you put your chips onto boil. All ovens are different but I bake them at around 190.

Step Three – Shake it like a Polaroid picture 

Now comes the secret ingredient and the all important ‘fluffing up step’ !

Once boiled I drain the potatoes using a colander and toss back and forth between colander and pan. During the process I dowse the chips in a healthy coating of fry light (all the while shaking up) followed by a generous amount of seasoning. My go to at the moment is the Schwartz classic chip seasoning which gives a subtle flavour but more importantly crisps up your chips beautifully!

Once you’re happy with the amount of coating and fluffing up you’ve done, spread your chips out onto a lined baking tray.

Step Four – Bake

Pop your tray in the oven and bake for 25-30 minutes, fluffing up once or twice in between to stop them sticking!

Step Five – Enjoy!

I always cook my chips this way now and honestly enjoy them more than any pre-bagged oven chip! They don’t take an age to prepare or cook and there’s a lot of leaving it to do its thing rather than slaving over the stove which is a winner in my book!

Let me know if you try this method and what you think! I’d also love to hear your suggestions on your perfect Slimming World chip!

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