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What I Eat Wednesday – 13/12/2017

For those of you following Slimming World I thought a semi-regular run down of my daily menu may be of interest.  Not only a follower of the plan I’m also a Slimming World Consultant, so, as you can imagine, food is close to my heart – especially delicious food that slims you down!

Wednesday’s are a group day for me and I run two Slimming World sessions on the evening, so I always try to have a good lunch to keep me going and something planned for dinner when I get home late!

Here’s what I enjoyed today…


Simple, quick and fuss free – this is a go to brekkie for me if I am up early enough!  (If I eat later in the day I normally opt for a cooked brunch to see me through until evening.)

2 weetabix as my Healthy Extra B Choice, chopped banana and almond milk.  (Unsweetened almond milk gives you 1 litre as your Healthy Extra A Choice which leave me with plenty to use in tea and coffee throughout the day.)


Another staple in my culinary collection is salmon, rice and veggies.  Again so quick and no fuss (you will notice a theme here!) and ready in about 15 minutes.

I use the Harbour infusion salmon fillets from Aldi which are syn-free (my favourite is the sweet chilli) and cook in the microwave in a few minutes.  Mixed in with boiled rice and a bag of easy steam veggies its a perfect filling lunch that’s great for your waist line!


Before I go off to group I try to throw something in the slow cooker that will be ready for me getting home so I’m not tempted to go off track.  (Takeaway’s are my downfall and if I get home hungry late at night I don’t take much persuading to order out!)

Tonight I enjoyed a delicious chicken curry with boiled rice (make it SP friendly with cauliflower rice instead) which I made up using the Swartz Slow Cooker Chicken Curry mix.  At only 3.5 syns per packet (serving two) it’s a great option!


To round off the evening I relaxed with a glass of white wine.  I always opt for a dry wine and one of my favourites is the Casillero Del Diablo Sauvignon Blanc which is 7 syns for 125ml.

More than enough for a cheeky tipple and I make it go even further with a dash of diet lemonade!


That concludes my menu for today! Let me know if you’d like to see more of these on the blog. I’d love to see your favourite food go-to’s and recipes!

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