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Favourite Fitness Accessories

Essentially you can get fit anywhere, with very little equipment and without spending a bundle. And with the prevalence of Youtube fitness guru’s you can always find a free home workout to embark upon.  That being said there are a few essentials (and non-essentials) that I love to have around to make my workout’s a bit more fun and user friendly!

You Tube

As I said above – fitness guru’s galore!  No need to fork out on gym memberships, the latest celeb dvd or bizarre ad blasters featured on QVC (that make great clothes horses but little else).  I am a huge fan of the home workout.  Being at home a lot of the time with my daughter I can squeeze a work out in whenever it takes my fancy (or whenever I force myself).  They’re convenient, easily accessible and no-one has to see me do it!!

Here’s a run down of my current favourite Youtube fitness experts:

  • Psyche Truth is an excellent yoga instructor offering videos across a wide range of ability levels and for varying fitness requirements.  Each video offers comprehensive instructions for each move and full directions on how to follow.  There are plenty of beginner workouts as well so it is’t too overwhelming if you’re not very flexible (like me!).  My current favourite is the morning yoga routine which is so energising!
  • Body Fit by Amy and in particular her kettlebell workouts are another firm favourite.  I have a playlist put together to make up my perfect routine which consist of full body, fat burning and ab workouts.  The routines are nice and short, so not too overwhelming, and again her directions are nice and clear!
  • Body Project is my go to for cardio workouts and offers great all round HIIT training to burn calories and tone your whole body.  I don’t go for cardio very often but sometimes when I have a rare spurt of energy I’ll chose to throw myself into a more intense routine.

You can find pretty much any routine on Youtube and there are plenty of Shaun T and Jillian Michaels routines which are another favourite of mine – although I have a love hate relationship with them both!

Fitbit Alta HR

Definitely not essential but now I have it I couldn’t live without mine! I got the rose gold edition for my 30th birthday last year and love it for both everyday use and as a workout companion.  Not only does it track your steps, heart rate and calories burned; it also has auto exercise recognition to track your workouts.

Tracking time spent in heart rate zones is a good indicator of how hard you’re working out throughout each stage of your routine and also shows when you’re in the fat burning zone, cardio level or at the very peak!

The Alta HR also tracks your sleep – not so important for workout tracking but good for all round health which the Fitbit is marketed towards.

(I may not be particularly peaking at fitness right now, but I am nailing those afternoon naps!)

Hydratem8 Hydration Tracker

This is another everyday companion for me which doubles as a perfect fitnesspal.

I try my best to stay hydrated and definitely find a hydration tracker water bottle helps.  I aim to drink two of these each day (usually filled with with sugar free cordial) and ordinarily empty a whole one during a workout.

Of course any bottle will do the trick, and there are an abundance of hydration trackers on the market that don’t carry the same price tag.


I’d love to hear about your workout favourites in the comments below!

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